Outlook Mac Export Import Tool 1.0

Digital Tweaks avails a prime email migration solution that converts the data without getting you stuck with any kind of issues. We provide Outlook Mac Export Tool as a perfect way to switch from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail application and secure the entire Outlook content in Mailbox. There is no risk of data loss/corruption issues; we avail a simplified and convenient method to import OLM to MBOX in just a matter of a few seconds. Moreover, our favorable tool is one stop solution that doesn’t only transfers the email messages; it also converts the contacts, notes, calendar, notes and other items to certain format of Apple Mail.

Ultimately, we provide a flawless and the most efficient email Migrator that turns the complex email conversion to a simplified and hassle-free method. We avail one stop solution that converts OLM to MBOX in a single step. Without getting so confused to transfer tons of email files by fragmenting the entire data, we provide a quick solution that transfers all the files in a single step. No need to fragment data; in fact our Outlook Mac Export Import Tool has been devised with batch conversion support feature, as well as it contains an easy to use interface that helps the users to make their tasks easier.

Our powerful and intelligent Outlook Mac Export Import Tool manages the entire content efficiently in a new platform, so that the user would not get confused to find certain messages. The entire content is moved and organized in the specific folders as before, so it is very easy, effortless and efficient way out to import OLM to Mailbox. Get the ways to demo version and have complete understanding of the utility before purchasing its full version depending upon the requirement.

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